Combustion gas emission control and Ceramic Hot Gas Filtration is an essential part of any modern boiler plant. The emission limit values are becoming more stringent, and as we strive to reduce our particulate and dust emissions, the need for robust, well designed filtration technology becomes paramount. REL Filter bodies can withstand temperatures of up-to 450°C and our candle elements can withstand up-to 1000°C. Our Engineers work with you to ensure that your Ceramic Hot Gas Filtration system fits exactly with your needs.

The Filtration system is fully adaptable. Do you need to remove NOx and SO2 as well as particulate matter from your combustion system or process, if so, we have the answer.

REL Filtration systems work seamlessly with biomass boilers. We have built up years of Biomass knowledge and understanding. We fully understand how crucial your biomass system is to you.

Our Engineers have vast experience of Byworth steam boilers. Binder, Janfire, Ariterm, Kalvis, Uniconfort and Compte-R Biomass boilers. We can supply and manufacture spare parts – Just let us know what you need.

Renewable Engineering can offer full service and repair contracts for that extra peace of mind