About Us

We are Combustion Engineers with over 20 years of design, installation and operating maintenance experience in Biomass fired plant, Steam plant, Incineration and Ceramic hot gas filtration.

The robust, proven reliability of our hot gas filter results in a treated (where necessary) and clean product of combustion being emitted in to the atmosphere. We are passionate about breathing clean air and removing harmful particulates PM2.5 and PM10 from the emissions of combustion plant is what we do best.

We believe that every combustion plant should have a Renewable Engineering Ceramic hot gas filtration system installed. Renewable Engineering can remove your particulate emissions to below 3 mg/Nm3.

Ceramic Hot Gas Filtration design and full Installation. We offer full support packages to ensure that your filtration system is kept fully operational.

Our Ceramic Hot Gas Filters can be installed externally, not all boiler houses have the required space. We solve the challenges that all applications present.

Steam boiler services, operation, Service, Biomass Burner Service and Repair, preparation for Annual Inspection, preparation for Non-destructive testing.

Our Hot Gas Filtration solutions are suited to a range of applications from the Industrial Biomass and Combustion sectors.

We have clients in

Quarries . Crematoriums . Incineration Plants . Biomass plants . Smelting Plants . Industrial Emissions Directive compliant Plants . Cement Works . Foundries . Waste to Energy Plants EfW Energy from Waste Plants.