When the local authority, environmental health officer placed an improvement notice on a Biomass installation we knew about, it was time to step in and help out…

Improvement notice, I hear you ask?

The improvement notice was issued due to a breach in the emission limit level set out in the permit. Grade A’ virgin wood chip was easily within limits, but cheaper recycled ARB fuel wouldn’t cut it, breaching the limit by a significant margin. The cost per ton of fuel price difference is a bit eye watering over the boiler lifecycle.

How did we help?…we retrofitted one of our Ceramic Hot Gas filters. The limited boiler house space resulted in two units being required. This allowed us to install in a narrower gap, without any major restructuring. This has resulted in a huge reduction in running costs, a retention of local jobs, and a very clean, green boiler. Recommissioned to operate on way cheaper fuel for the rest of its days.

Could we help you achieve the same?