A spotlight on the benefit of our ceramic hot gas filter.

So what is the benefit from our ceramic hot gas filter – No one wants black clouds billowing out of their plant. It’s bad news for nearby residents, local authorities and your own corporate responsibility. If you burn gas, have a biomass boiler, an incinerator of industrial and chemical waste, an incinerator of clinical, animal, and domestic waste, a vitrification plant for the incineration of  waste, a metallurgical processing plant – ferrous and non-ferrous, precious metal recovery, coal derivative manufacturing plant, wood waste burning plant, glass, brick or cement kiln, or a crematorium incinerator we can design a bespoke filtration system to clean up your emissions.

The term ‘ceramic filter’ or ‘ceramic hot gas filter’ is an adopted industry term from when ceramics were used in high temperature applications, a lot has changed over the years, and like everything else we now see with technological advancements in materials, we have advanced in the same way. Our hot gas filter elements are manufactured from bio-soluble and inorganic bonds, enabling them to be used at temperatures in excess of 1000°C. The candle filter element does not actually contain any ceramic material, making them very safe for normal disposal which means no requirement for licensed disposal.

Our ceramic filter elements are designed to remove particulate pollutants from hot gases, our filters operate at temperatures and efficiencies higher than those achievable with any conventional filtration systems. Other chemical pollutants such as acid gases and dioxins can be removed with the use of selective reagents or sorbents.

Our ceramic filter elements can capture particles less than 1 micron in diameter. The resultant emission levels are typically lower than 1mg/Nm3. They are proven to offer cleaner emissions compared to electrostatic precipitators or wet scrubbers.

Our ceramic elements are self supporting and do not require metal cages, which saves time on installation and is also a huge benefit when the filter system is used in corrosive environments.

As for the other benefits of our complete hot gas filtration system, our elements do not tear, our emission levels are below 3mg/Nm3, no need for gas cooling, no need for metal cages, we reduce energy consumption, we protect vital components, despite the above description – we are non ceramic, which means safe to handle and safe to dispose of, a heat resistance of up-to 1000°C, 99.99% filtration efficiency, 100% spark proof, self-supporting, high strength, and high chemical resistance. We are very conscious of designing sustainable, efficient systems based around future operation and maintenance cost savings.

Since the Medium Combustion Plant Directive came into force, cleaner emissions are essential. If you’re to keep your permit and continue producing heat or power, you’ll need to remove carbon as part of your process. We design, manufacture and install components to do just that.

After decades as industrial combustion engineers, we will get your filtration right first time. From surveying your gas flow or hot flue gas combustion temperature on site to sitting down and designing a system, you can trust that I know what I’m doing and want the best for your business.

We are also one of the few manufacturers of ceramic hot gas filters in the UK. If you’re processing gases at high temperatures and need to remove particulates, we can help.

What’s more, we believe we owe it to ourselves to minimise our environmental impact. 60% of the energy produced in the UK comes from industrial combustion, so we have a responsibility to clean up our act. If you agree, please do get in touch.